Spring rains

Spring Rains Return to China

Having just returned from China we know first-hand that the spring rains have arrived. As mold cleaning continues to be one of NuShoe’s leading services we look to remind brands and factories to take the necessary steps towards prevention. What's more, as multinationals implement sourcing strategies from China and into new countries throughout Asia we have discovered mold prevention processes are being overlooked. If your anti-microbial provider does not offer prevention assessments and education practices please contact Eric or Jim below and we will offer our recommendations.
从我们最近中国的旅程得知春雨已经来临。发霉预防和处理仍然是NuShoe(牛鞋)的领先服务,我们乐意提醒品牌和工厂对发霉的预防需采取一些必要的措施。更重要的是,随着跨国企业实施采购战略从中国进入到新的亚洲国家,我们发现防霉的预防往往容易被忽视。如果您的防霉供应商不提供预防评估和教育实践,请按照以下方式联系Eric & Jim,我们乐意分享我们的建议。

For over 20 years NuShoe has offered much more than mold cleaning and is standing by as “Assurance Insurance” for all your footwear solutions.

NuShoe is emerging as the largest dispute resolution provider for brands, factories and retailers. Ask about our Customer Returns Processing, Repair & Warranty Programs or our donation services as we offer a complete line-up of ‘back room’ services. Nushoe(牛鞋)正在成为为品牌、工厂、零售商提供各类问题解决的服务商。我们针对客户退货处理,维修和保修计划或捐赠服务提供了一个完整阵容的“后台”服务。

NuShoe Services(服务项目)
• AQL inspections
• 按照品质接受质量限提供验货
• Repackaging, ticketing, labeling and tagging
• 翻箱,换标,挂吊牌等
• Stitching repair
• 针车修补
• Quality control inspections and grading
• 品质检验并分级
• Sole and adhesive repairs
• 底部粘着修补
• Odor removable
• 去味
• Buckle and hardware replacement
• 金属饰片替换
• Reduce Chromium VI Content
• 减少六甲铬含量
• Sock liner issues
• 鞋垫的问题
• Upper refinishing, toning and finish correction
• 鞋子重新整理,颜色整理,后处理整理
• Mold and mildew removal and treatment
• 霉菌的去除和处理