Repackaging and Relabeling Services for Shoe Manufacturers

Many repackaging and relabeling services work on cosmetics, electronics, and other consumer products. NuShoe specializes in the Shoe and Boot industry.


Our repackaging and relabeling services include:


•     Sorting

•     Visual inspection

•     Warehousing, logistics and fulfillment

•     Custom packaging

•     Case-packing, re-packing, repackaging, banding, bundling, reboxing

•     Repackaging from branding

•     Brand removal

•     Relabeling

•     Add stickers and replace tissue and packaging materials

•     Resizing


NuShoe can help you inspect, inventory, repackage, and turn inventory into sales.


Please see our FAQ page for other thoughts on handling the logistics of your quality correction project.


Or call us at 619-671-2200 to discuss your repackaging or relabeling issues.